Lamb Rump with Potato Terrine, Summer Vegetable Minestrone and Lamb Jus

Lamb Rump with Potato Terrine, Summer Vegetable Minestrone and Lamb Jus

Lamb Rump with Herb and Mustard Crumb, Potato Terrine, Summer Vegetable Minestrone and Lamb Jus

Fine dining from Andrew Gault, Executive Chef, Balmer Lawn Hotel, using Hampshire ingredients for intense flavours. Find local lamp rump from your local butcher, farm shop or producer such as Hampshire Shepherd and Bere Mill Farm. Check out the Hampshire Fare website for more details of local butchers, farm shops and producers.


6oz lamb rump

5g broad beans

5g peas

5g heritage carrots

5g heritage beetroot ( cooked on a bed of salt to retain colour )

4 sticks asparagus(blanched )

2 heads asparagus

5ml Dijon mustard

1 bottle of carrot juice (reduced then thickened with a little cornflour to sauce consistency)


For the lamb jus

5ml lamb gravy

5ml basil oil - blanch 2 bunches basil in boiling salted water, refresh in ice cold water then blend with 100 ml olive oil until bright green, pass through a strain strainer; reserve until needed


For the Potato terrine

1kg potatoes, peeled

2 packets unsalted butter, clarified

50g thyme

Sea salt


For the Herb crumb 

1 brioche loaf

100g dill

100g flat parsley



1 The day before prepare the potato terrine by slicing the potatoes very thinly on a mandolin. Layer up in a terrine mould , with clarified butter, thyme and sea salt between each layer. When full to the top , cook in the oven for 1 ½ hours at 170 degrees until potatoes are soft, then press overnight.

2 To make the herb crumb, blend all ingredients in a Robot-Coupe (or an alternative food processor) with a small pinch of salt until bright green in colour; pass through a strainer .

3 Trim the lamb rump of excessive fat, season well and place in a hot pan, fat side down to render as much fat from it as possible. Once sealed place in a pre-heated oven at 170c for 8 minutes, then remove from the oven, cover with foil and rest .

4 Blanch all the vegetables in boiling salted water, then refresh in ice cold water .

5 Assemble the dish by reheating all the veg in a pan with olive oil; check seasoning .

6 Brush the lamb rump with Dijon mustard and herb crumb, then cut and plate up arranging the jus, carrot sauce, vegetables, lamb rump and potato terrine as shown.


Images with thanks to The Electric Eye Photography