Get Creative! Colour Me In!

Hampshire Fare’s ‘Stay Loyal Stay Local’ campaign features the people behind our local food and drink businesses. These include butcher and baker, farmer and fishmonger, chef and pub landlord, and others. These fun characters have been so popular with our members and followers that we have recreated them as colour-in figures.

Do you have a favourite? Each of our friends is available to download below !

What about using them as an educational exercise for kids? Chat to them about what each person might carry to represent what they grow, catch or make, and the tools that they might need.

We hope they may provide a bit of fun for grown-ups, too! Get creative with crayons or paints, use pattern or collage… After all, our local food and drink businesses are full of colourful characters and big personalities who are totally passionate about what they do, whether that is making cheese, pies, or jam, running a shop or a café, cooking, fishing or farming…

Which character will you colour? For inspiration, read more about our exciting campaign HERE. We would love to see your completed artworks. Take a picture and forward them to us at We will share some via our social media channels, and there will be character car stickers for those that capture the theme well!


colour and paint image.jpg
By The Electric Eye Photography


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