Beat The January Blues With Microgreens

Beat The January Blues With Microgreens

Do you want to feel healthier this New Year, but are daunted by making big changes? What about a 'Try January' approach? Simply introduce a healthy element into your diet such as Lusso Leaf microgreens which are packed with flavour and nutrients.

Lusso Leaf, a Hampshire farm specialising in growing microgreens, was launched by Sarah and Richard Kennedy in February 2020, after a year of planning, preparing and learning about microgreens.

Sarah explains: “Richard’s background is IT and mine is the health and fitness industry. We are also keen gardeners, growing fruit and vegetables and eating a healthy diet. As with many people who have a life-changing experience, new ideas and dreams come to the forefront. So, having both survived cancer, we decided the time was right to do something different that would benefit people and be local, sustainable and as green as possible.

“Curiosity about hydroponics [the science of growing plants without using soil by feeding them on mineral nutrient salts dissolved in water], sustainable plant growth along with dense plant nutrition, lead to an interest in growing microgreens, and our business idea became reality.

“We grow fresh, local, tasty microgreens that are pesticide free and sustainable. Chefs like their taste and their vivid colours to garnish their dishes. Home cooks like the different flavours and health benefits. Recent research has shown that microgreens are a superfood. Introducing microgreens into your diet boosts your immunity and nutritional intake. Microgreens offer a huge amount of vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants and fibre. Many have high plant protein content. Sunflower shoots, for example, provide the perfect plant protein - containing essential amino acids, high fibre, and they taste great and are low in calories.

“Scientific findings have shown that the nutritional content of broccoli as a microgreen contains up to 90 times more of the compound sulforaphane (which facilitates the release of anitoxidants, essential for healthy cells) than the full grown plant. Radish microgreens have been shown to have 60 times more of the compound anthocyanin, another powerful antioxidant which also gives this microgreen its bright purple colour.

“These and other shoots are easy to add to your diet. Use them in sandwiches and wraps, as toppings for casseroles, soups and omelettes, or as a salad - either as the main event or a side dish instead of vegetables. We use pea tendrils in risotto. These are also great for snacking - perfect if you are looking after the waistline!”

Microgreens also provide a way of encouraging children (and reluctant adults) to eat their greens!

Sarah continues: “We suggest starting with sunflower shoots. They are crunchy with a sweet, slightly nutty flavour and also make a great healthy snack. Pea tendrils make a change from peas and have the sweetest fresh pea flavour. The vibrant colours of the different microgreens also makes eating them more fun for children.”

So perhaps it is more of a case of eat your greens, pinks and purples!

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