Hot Smoked Trout with Lusso Leaf

Hot Smoked Trout with Lusso Leaf

This recipe is provided by Lusso Leaf - a Hampshire farm specialising in growing sweet and nutritious microgreens, micro herbs and edible flowers. They contain, pound for pound, up to 40 times the nutrients of their fully-grown versions.


Hot smoked trout 225g (such as local trout from ChalkStream or Anyfish)

New potatoes 200-330g

One lemon

Extra fine green beans 120g

Little Green Bag 40g from Lusso Leaf



1 Cook potatoes; just before they are cooked steam the green beans.

2 Heat trout in oven if you prefer it hot.

3 Once the trout is heated through, flake and combine all the ingredients.

4 Simply add a squeeze of lemon, season with rock salt and black pepper and serve.