What is in Season Now?

What is in Season Now?

Eating seasonally makes sense: seasonal produce is at its tastiest, most nutritious, and often great value, too, as it is at its most abundant.

April is an exciting month on the cook's calendar as it welcomes the first shoots of spring – among them aromatic wild garlic, flavoursome asparagus and purple-sprouting broccoli.

However, climate change and producers adapting their growing methods, often to be more environmentally aware, has affected seasonality. For example, New Forest Fruit Company have the advantage of a microclimate in the New Forest, as well as a way of growing, using biodegradable coir on a tabletop system, that helps the Company to produce early crops of asparagus and strawberries.

Use our listing as a guide and try to  shop at local independents, including greengrocers, farm shops and butchers to find local and seasonal. Many neighbourhood Southern Co-ops have a local flavours range and they are committed to supporting local and British producers. Otherwise, if you’re shopping at a major supermarket chain, please check the labels and buy local or British whenever possible. It is better for flavour, better value and fewer food miles, too.

Herbs, salads and vegetables
Asparagus, basil, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celeriac, chives, dill, lettuce and salad leaves, mushrooms, new potatoes, onions, purple-sprouting broccoli, sorrel, spring greens, watercress


Meat & Poultry
Spring lamb, wood pigeon (beef, chicken, lamb and pork are available year round)

Fish & Seafood (with reference to Marine Conservation Society Guidelines)
Clam, coley, crab, herring, john Dory, langoustine, lobster, plaice, prawn, red mullet, salmon, trout, shrimp, whelks


Seasonal recipes include Luke Holder of Harnett Holder & Co's New Forest Asparagus with Isle of Wight Black Garlic Mayonnaise - link HERE.