Recipe: Partridge Breast with Blackberry Balsamic

Recipe: Partridge Breast with Blackberry Balsamic

Taste of Autumn from Wild Island

Partridge Breast with Blackberry Balsamic on Sourdough Crouton with Blue Cheese and Griddled Pears

Give it the nickname Patridge in a Pear Tree and this recipe is perfect for Christmas time. This dish uses Wild Island Blackberry Balsamic which was awarded Two Stars in the Great Taste Awards

Serves 4

4 slices Island Bakers Sourdough Bread (cut diagonally)
1 tablespoon Oil of Wight cold pressed rapeseed oil
2 Pears
4 Brownrigg Partridge Breasts              
3 handfuls Fresh Spinach and Rocket
16 Blackberries
50g Isle of Wight Blue Cheese     
4 tablespoons Wild Island Blackberry Balsamic 

Heat griddle pan.
Brush each slice of sourdough bread with a little rapeseed oil, griddle for a couple of minutes each side and remove from pan.
Cut pears into six slices lengthways, core, then griddle until tender and remove.
Season partridge breasts with freshly ground black pepper.
Heat a little more oil in the pan and pan-fry partridge breasts for two to three minutes each side (depending on how rare you like them).
Prepare salad leaves and arrange on serving plates.
Place griddled sourdough on each. Remove the partridge breasts from the pan and arrange on top of the sourdough along with the pears and blackberries.
Crumble the blue cheese over the partridge.
Return pan to the heat; add Blackberry Balsamic, allow to bubble and reduce slightly.
Simply drizzle over the partridges and serve.


All About Wild Island
Wild Island was launched in 2011 after being inspired to create dressings made from locally sourced products to support the core values of local food sustainability. Wild Island originally began making salad dressings using locally grown and cold pressed rapeseed oil, cider vinegar, honey and thyme. The combined approach of experimenting with flavours, discovering and blending tastes, forms the basis of developing each Wild Island product while championing the core values of provenance, quality and taste. Knowing where and how our food is grown is at the heart of Wild Island. We know the farmers we source the raw ingredients for our products from. The rapeseed is grown entirely on the farm where the dressings are produced. The seed is stored, cold pressed and filtered on the farm before being used as an ingredient.