Poem of a Shop Assistant

Poem of a Shop Assistant

Ann-Marie is a shop-assistant at Enham Village Stores. She was inspired to write the poem below after watching a local resident trudge two miles in the snow to purchase a pint of milk from the nearest supermarket, seemingly oblivious to all that was available to buy in their local village shop.      

There’s a little shop in Enham
that sometimes gets forgot
or people pass by thinking
“Well they won’t have a lot”

But if you take the time to stop
you’ll find a nice surprise
because like entering the Tardis
there’s much more than meets the eyes.

Fresh fish and chips on Fridays 
always go down a treat
Hot pies, hot drinks, fresh sandwiches
are available all week.

We stock gluten free and sugar free 
we’ve lots of tasty treats
We have all of your essentials
and our quality fresh meats.

We don’t forget that family 
consists of feathered & furred friends
We have pet supplies around the back
our limits never end!

We are open 7 days a week
that includes Post Office too
With a warm and friendly service
we come to work for YOU!

We’ve local produce, home baked cakes
cards and crafts in store
We’re not just a “convenience shop”
we offer so much more!

We run weekly competitions
that you’ll find on Facebook's page
We have sweets and toys for sale here
we’re a shop for every age.

We hope now that you’ve read this 
you’ll pop in and look around
And instead of heading into town
you’ll be glad of us you’ve found!

By Ann-Marie, Enham Village Stores