Pick of the Easter treats

Pick of the Easter treats

Chocolate lovers are in for a treat this Easter with these tasty artisan delights made here in Hampshire. 

Hot Cross bun Chocolates
by Thorpe Confectionery

The traditional taste of a bread Hot Cross Bun, without any bread in sight.  A smooth ganache bursting with that fruity, yet lightly spiced, flavour of a Hot Cross Bun in Belgian chocolate. Supplied in a box of 6. Everyone who tries these has the same reaction: "Oh My Gosh, they really do taste like Hot Cross Buns...".

Order online from Thorpe Confectionery, £6 for six.



triple chocolate adventure eggs by jk Chocolates

Three layers of chocolate heaven, each with its own distinct character and flavour, taking you on a cocoa journey to three wonderful chocolate origins.  Every egg crafted from specially selected ingredients and fine single origin cocoa. Supporting 'Raise Trade' in Madagascar, communities in Colombia and JK Chocolate's friend's family farm in Costa Rica.

Buy these and more, JK Fine Chocolates, £11.50. 10% off and free delivery on orders over £30 with code JKEGG10.