Meet the baker: Gavin Laville

Meet the baker: Gavin Laville

Real bread is making a come back and with it comes a new generation of passionate bakers. To mark Real Bread Week we caught up with local baker, Gavin Laville who is one member of Honesty's talented team of bakers.

Where did you learn your baking skills? I've worked with many different bakers over the years and every one of them as taught me skills I now use in my work.

What do you most love about being a baker? I've always been very creative and enjoy making things so hand making bread is perfect for me.

How do you manage the working hours? My working day begins at 8pm which is something my body clock has adapted to after so many years of night work. The worst part is when you are off work but your body wants to stick to your working routine!

What is Honesty's bestseller? People can't get enough of our brioche burger buns.

Your favourite loaf to bake? It would have to be a bloomer, it's just such a nice loaf of bread.

Your top tip? When it comes to baking times in the oven I always say "you can always add time but you can’t take it away".

People seem to be falling back in love with real bread made the traditional way. What's fuelling this trend? I think it all comes down to taste. Bread full of additives just can't compare with the flavour of real bread.

Your secret weapon in the kitchen? Caffeine caffeine and more caffeine! Having a family life and working all night it's a must!

What’s the beat in the bakery? We listen to Jack FM during the night, it just plays what we want. 

Best thing about working at Honesty? It would have to be that we bake using traditional methods. We only use four ingredients - flour, salt, yeast and water. From those ingredients we bake the best tasting loaves I have ever eaten.

You can try freshly baked delights from Honesty at one of their bakeries, pub or coffee shops located in Hampshire and Berkshire. If you fancy trying your hand at baking you could also book onto one of their courses at the Honesty Cookery School. Find out more on their website.