Meat Sense

Meat Sense

This week the spotlight is on butchers as the country celebrates National Butchers’ Week, 12th -18th March. Choosing to shop at your local butchers brings with it lots of advantages for you as the consumer, the local economy and the environment.


reasons to visit your local butcher's shop

Better value – butchers can work to your budget. They can cut and weigh meat to fit with the amount of money you have to spend.
Knowledge – butchers can explain the different options available and advise how best to cook your products.
Provenance – your butcher is a source of information and can tell you where your meat has come from.
Less packaging – buying from your butcher saves on the unnecessary plastic packaging which can be so damaging to the environment.
Properly hung meat – meat needs to be hung for the correct amount of time to bring out the best flavour and quality, this is something butchers know how to do.
Personal service – over time your butcher will get to know your tastes.
Your butcher needs you – in order to survive, butchers need loyal customers to support their businesses.

If it’s been a while since you last visited a butcher’s shop or you’ve never been before, make National Butchers’ Week the time you do it!


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