Maraba Coffee Liqueur

Maraba Coffee Liqueur

Award-winning Hampshire producers Gorilla Spirits Co and Moonroast Coffee are delighted to launch Maraba Coffee Liqueur.

Maramba is the result of a collaboration inspired by Gorilla Spirits’ company name and Moonroast’s Rwanda coffee bean, the country that is home to mountain gorillas.

Gorilla Spirits Co are producing the new liqueur at their Four Marks, Hampshire distillery. Maraba will be created using Rwanda Red Bourbon beans roasted at Moonroast Coffee based nearby in Chilton Candover.

The rich volcanic soils on the high-altitude hills of Maraba, a district of Rwanda, produce some of the world’s finest Bourbon Arabica coffee. Moonroast Coffee select the best beans from individual growers and medium roasts them at their craft roastery. The Gorilla Distillery then cold brew the ground coffee to create a wonderfully rich Maraba Coffee Liqueur which has deep, buttery chocolate flavours and a fruity overtone with a gentle coffee aftertaste.

Enjoy over ice as a digestif or add a new dimension to cocktails and recipes such as chocolate cake or Tira Misu.

Maraba will retail for around £30.