Isle of Wight Distillery Launching HMS Victory Navy Strength Rum

Isle of Wight Distillery Launching HMS Victory Navy Strength Rum

The Isle of Wight Distillery, in partnership with The National Museum of the Royal Navy, has created a true blend of Navy Strength Rum. Launching on 31st July aboard HMS Victory, it will coincide with ‘Black Tot Day’.

HMS Victory Rum is a fine blend of aged demerara rum from Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica. Reminiscent of the taste of traditional 'Rum Tots' issued on board naval ships. The rum has been refined and rested in oak barrels using an oak stave from HMS Victory herself, adding an extra depth of character from the Royal Navy’s most illustrious warship. The term ‘Navy Strength’ refers to when in the 18th century, the Royal Navy legislated that all Naval ships were to carry a quantity of rum on board for the sailors' rum tot rations. All spirits on board ship had to be 100° proof (the English standard of the day) which equates to 57% ABV.

“We are really pleased to launch HMS Victory Rum after working on the recipe for the lastcouple of years. After the success of our HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin and our workingpartnership with the National Museum of the Royal Navy, it seemed like a naturalprogression. To launch on Black Tot Day is a fitting tribute.” commented Xavier Baker, co-founder of The Isle of Wight Distillery.

Giles Gould, Head of Commercial Services of The National Museum of the Royal Navy added, “This marks the extension of what is already a very successful partnership, and we are delighted to work with such a local supplier on a premium product reflecting not only naval heritage, but also providing significant financial support to HMS Victory.”

Black Tot Day marks the anniversary of when a 300-year-plus Royal Naval tradition came to an end. Until 1970, Royal Navy vessels would call all sailors to report to deck at noon and receive their daily 70ml ‘tot’, or shot, of rum.