"Hedge Hop" is a Twist of Fate

Flack Manor’s latest ale has been called “Hedge Hop” which, coincidentally, is  the term used by World War I pilots when they were low flying over fields and hedge rows, and is very fitting on the part of Flack Manor Brewery as it happens to be the commemorative year in which to remember those heroes.
But Flack Manor planned the ale long before the commemorative event was publicised. And there are other twists of fate: among the mix of hops used in the ale, one is called “Pilot” while the dwarf hop varieties are known as “Hedge Hops”. 
With “Hedge Hop”, Flack Manor have used their expertise in hop varieties and management to create an innovative mix of six varieties of malt and three of hops to deliver what they consider to be a unique explosion of taste.  The rich amber colour gives an indication of the complex flavours: a deep biscuit maltiness balanced with grapefruit and spicy lemon from Pilot, Challenger and “new world” Cascade Hops.
“Hedge Hop” will be available from all Flack Manor Brewery stockists – visit the website for more details or ask the landlord for it by name. Nigel Welsh of Flack Manor is confident the ale is going to be a winner.