A Celebration of Watercress

A Celebration of Watercress

On Sunday 20th May 2018, the streets of Alresford will fill with the sights and smells of local food and drink at the annual Watercress Festival. There will be activities for all the family, cookery demonstrations and even the World Watercress Eating Championships.

Watercress has strong roots in Hampshire having been grown in the county since the late nineteenth century. The clear, chalky free-flowing streams found in areas such as Alresford provide the ideal growing conditions.

The plant is highly nutritious and is packed with antioxidants linked with helping cells to resist damage and disease. In recent years, it has been labelled a superfood by scientists as it is highly nutritious and packed with antioxidants linked with helping cells to resist damage and disease.

Watercress is popular with athletes as the Phenylethyl Isothiocyanates (PEITC’s) found naturally in watercress have been proven to repair DNA damage from strenuous exercise. Try adding the superfood crop to your smoothies and soups or have a go at this Power Ball Recipe from The Watercress Company.

The Watercress Company grows its crops in Hampshire and neighbouring Dorset, producing over 2.5 million kilograms a year. The watercress is grown in mineral-rich spring water from natural confined aquifers underground.

facts about watercress

Watercress flowers are edible
The world’s first sandwich invented and eaten by the Earl of Sandwich contained cold beef and watercress!
The Latin name of watercress is Nasturtium officinale meaning twisted nose, due to its peppery taste.
Winchester Distillery
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Winchester Distillery

A micro-distillery based in Winchester creating a number of gin, including Twisted Nose, created using Hampshire watercress.

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