Hampshire's Big Cheeses

Hampshire's Big Cheeses

Congratulations to all our cheese producers who have been so successful in this year’s British Cheese Awards. The Awards were sent up 20 years ago in 1994 and in that time have become very important to our local cheese producers who are making an increasingly exciting and tasty range of products. You can check out www.thecheeseweb.com for more details. But here is a list of our members medal winning cheeses in alphabetical order:

Hampshire Cheeses
Tunworth was awarded Gold, while Winslade was awarded Bronze (both soft white cheeses made from cows’ milk).

Laverstoke Park Farm
Three stretched curd buffalo cheeses were awarded a trio of awards with Ciliegine awarded Gold, Boccancini awarded Silver, and Buratta awarded Bronze.

Loosehanger Farmhouse Cheeses
Loosehanger Cheeses collected Gold for Hampshire Rose ( a ‘Modern British’ cheese made from Ayrshire cows’ milk), a Silver for CarreGwyn (a soft white goats’ cheese), and Bronze for Fresh Goat Cheese (a fresh curd cheese made from goats’ milk),  Nanny Williams’ Blue (a ‘Modern Blue’ goats’ cheese) and White Hart (a soft white cheese made from Ayrshire cows’ milk).

Lyburn Farmhouse Cheesemakers
Lyburn Gold was (appropriately) awarded Gold, Winchester was awarded Silver and Stoney Cross was awarded Bronze (all ‘Modern British’ cows’ milk cheeses). Flavoured cheeses picking up awards were Lyburn Oak Smoked awarded Silver and Lyburn Garlic and Nettle awarded Bronze.

Two Hoots Cheese
A trio of medals for Two Hoots Cheese with a Gold for Barkham Blue, a Silver for Baby Barkham and Bronze for Rosethorn Blue (all cows’ milk and described as ‘Modern Blue’ cheeses).`