Crushing grapes

Crushing grapes

Wine has become a serious business in Hampshire. Now recognised as a leading wine-making region, Hampshire is home to a selection of award-winning vineyards. As with any growing process, the changing climate and the weather it brings can impact on the end product. 

It seems that this year's long hot summer has been something to celebrate for English wine-makers.  Only time will tell whether this is the case as the wine-making process is long and intricate. It begins with the harvest which normally takes place during September and October when all the grapes are picked by hand.

Gussie from Raimes has high hopes for this year's harvest: “We are expecting to be harvesting two weeks earlier than usual and are looking at a beautiful bumper crop, and a wonderful vintage year.  These last couple of weeks of waiting are a nervous time guarding against birds, wasps and autumnal weather. Fingers crossed.”

Fairy Lights & Fizz

An evening of award winning English sparkling wines served with platters of local produce and topped off with local arts.

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