Hampshire Salami Co & Farmer's Choice Join Forces to Produce New Range of Cured Meats and Salami

Hampshire Salami Co & Farmer's Choice Join Forces to Produce New Range of Cured Meats and Salami

The Hampshire Salami Co, fresh from its success in the British Charcuterie Awards, has teamed up with Farmer’s Choice to create a range of cured meats and salami for its discerning online customers, using the best pork from Hampshire. 

Established in 2018 by Barry Walker, the Hampshire Salami Co is one of the top salami makers and meat curers in the UK. Curing meat in the Italian style, the company is based in the heart of Hampshire, curing local pork, selling directly to customers at farmers' markets, supplying selected local retailers, as well as teaching meat curing and salami making through its workshop programme.

Farmer's Choice has been delivering the finest free-range meat from Hampshire farmers directly to the doorsteps of its customers since 1984. Dedicated to delivering top quality produce, Farmer’s Choice had ambitions to produce a range of salami and cured meats from the product going through its own butchery in Fareham.

“We knew of the Hampshire Salami Co and were sure that they would be an ideal fit as our curing partner, inviting them to make a range of salami for our customers” explains Jason Crotty, MD of Farmer’s Choice. “Taking our own pork and curing it specifically for Farmer’s Choice, the products have been received extremely well and sold out on the run up to Christmas! We now have Hampshire Salami in our 2019 catalogue and the products are listed on the Farmer’s Choice website. New products are in the pipeline for 2019, so keep an eye on our website in the coming months”.

The range includes six exciting products have been developed for Farmer’s Choice, which were first manufactured at the end of September 2018 in time for Christmas. Now full production is in place and stock is made available each month, which includes the following exciting products:

Hampshire Black – GOLD Medal winning salami in the British Charcuterie Awards 2018, made from pork, seasoned with pepper, garlic, chilli flakes, paprika, cloves, cinnamon and rosemary.

Sopressa – BRONZE Medal winning salami in the British Charcuterie Awards 2018, made from pork, flavoured with salt, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, rosemary and garlic.

Hampshire ‘Farmhouse’ Salami – A simple salami of smooth ground pork, flavoured with coarse black pepper and fragrant white pepper.

Black Chilli – A spicy and fiery chorizo style pork salami, seasoned with pepper, fennel seed, lots of hot smoked paprika, sweet paprika, garlic and chilli flakes, which packs a real punch!

Salami Corallina – A pork salami, originally eaten as part of Easter Sunday breakfast in Italy, now made in Hampshire and simply seasoned with white and black pepper and garlic.

Hampshire ‘Nduja – A soft and spreadable salami originating from Umbria, in Italy, highly spiced with chilli and paprika, this soft, moist and spreadable salami is delicious on hot toast, or mixed through dishes such as pasta or chicken.

All products are sliced and presented in 100 gm packs, in addition to a mixed 100 gm pack of ‘Hampshire Farmhouse’ & ‘Sopressa’ salami, ideal for antipasti or charcuterie boards, making an ideal treat!

“The Hampshire Salami Co is incredibly excited to be working with Farmer’s Choice, taking their amazing pork and creating this fine range of products” enthuses Barry Walker, “This is one of the reasons that I started this business, to work with local producers and to help them to add value to their exceptional Hampshire reared meat. Now in 2019 we will also be creating a range of ‘whole muscle’ cured products using beef, pork and excitingly buffalo from Hampshire. Whole muscle curing is where a large joint is cured, like Bresaola, or the entire leg is cured as in Prosciutto Crudo, Italian style air dried ham”.

You can purchase online from Farmer’s Choice.