Hampshire Fare Member and Southampton based Mozzo Coffee launches Micro Roastery

Hampshire Fare Member and Southampton based Mozzo Coffee launches Micro Roastery

In 2005 Grant Lang created the world’s first solar and wind powered coffee cart and have been members of Hampshire Fare ever since. It was from this small yet remarkable cart that the adventure of Mozzo, the community hub of coffee and art began. Grant’s coffee cart was in the form of an Indian tuk-tuk which served the people of Southampton premium quality coffee. Although the tuk-tuk is still a large part of Mozzo, in 2009 Mozzo transformed into Mozzo Coffee; a company established to supply the luxury taste of Mozzo Coffee to others.

Time passed and Mozzo Coffee’s reputation for supplying premium quality coffee and providing exquisite service grew year on year. In 2013, an investment was made in Simon Reed and Danielle Faustino to become SCAE certified to ensure the high standards Mozzo Coffee had adopted continue to develop. Relationships are key to Mozzo Coffee; always ensuring that all who serve their coffee are fully trained and machinery is regularly monitored, guaranteeing the best coffee experience possible.

Mozzo Coffee has spent the last year developing the perfect blend on their Probat roaster, situated in Mozzo World, Southampton. They have recently launched their first in-house roasted blend, Mozzo Red Label, a first for Southampton.

The Red Label blend is made with 100% speciality grade coffees. The coffee consists of beans from the following regions: 50% Colombian Suarez, 30% Brazil Cerrado, 20% El Salvador Cerro de Ataco and is already developing as a firm favourite of many customers. The team at Mozzo World don’t only supply great tasting quality they generously donate 5p for every kilogram sold to the Community2Community fund to help partner communities.

Mozzo Red Label can be enjoyed at the following venues:
The White Star (Southampton), Bugle (Hamble), Cantina (Southampton), Bridge Patisserie (Winchester), No. 5 Bridge Street (Winchester), The White Horse (Otterbourne), Bay Leaves Larder (Chandlers Ford), Stanwell House Hotel (Lymington) and Mettricks Coffee House (Southampton).