FSB WorldPay UK Business Awards - entries close January 31st 2014

The FSB WorldPay UK Business Awards are comprised of four categories, each celebrating business success across the UK, from retailers and craftsmen to manufacturers and service providers.

- Business Innovation of the Year

- Young Entrepreneur of the Year

- Micro Business of the Year

- Online Business of the Year

The awards celebrate the people that make the leap, that follow their passion, and take business into their own hands. The doers, the movers, the shakers and the successes behind business Britain.

The awards are part of Celebrating Business Britain - a programme to help businesses get the recognition they deserve, and to inspire business owners nationwide. They want to highlight the important work small businesses do, not just in the local community, but in powering Britain towards economic recovery.

Winners will receive a cash prize of £4,500 with an additional £5,000 awarded to the FSB WorldPay UK Business of the year. All winners will receive national publicity and a marketing workshop tailored to their business needs.

Entry to the 2014 awards is now open and will close on 31st January 2014. Enter by clicking on the link below.

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