Congratulations to all our members who have received gold awards at the 2013 Great Taste Awards!

Congratulations to all our members who have received gold awards at the 2013 Great Taste Awards!

After 50 days of tasting involving more than 400 judges, the winners of the Great Taste Awards 2013 have been announced.

Great Taste is organised by the Guild of Fine Food and is known as the benchmark for speciality food and drink.

Hampshire can feel proud of its producers with 18 Hampshire Fare members winning 37 gold awards at this year's Great Taste Awards. Congratulations to all our champion local producers!

Bere Dairy:

Lemon Curd Ice Cream (1*)


Triple Ginger Cake (2*)

Banana Loaf (2*)

Hampshire Ale Cake (1*)

Catch (IOW):

Proper Posh Crab Bisque (1*)

Hampshire Jam and Chutney Company:

Crunchy Cucumber (1*)

Scrummy Brown Sauce (1*)

Charlotte Brown's Handmade:

Raspberry Conserve (1*)

Jude's Ice Cream:

Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate pieces (2*)

Passionfruit Sorbet (2*)

Roasted Peanut Ice Cream (1*)

Passionfruit Ice Cream (1*)

Laverstoke Park Farm:

Buffalo Burrata (1*)

Buffalo Milk Fudge Natural (1*)

Buffalo Milk Fudge Coffee (1*)

Buffalo Stir Fry Strips (1*)

Buffalo and Horseradish Burger (1*)

Buffalo Mozzarella (1*)

Beef Jerky (1*)

Loosehanger Farmhouse Cheeses:

Old Sarum (1*)

Loosehanger Leek and Onion (1*)

Lyburn Farmhouse Cheesemakers:

Old Winchester Extra Mature (2*)

Stoney Cross (1*)

Naked Jam:

Lemon Curd (2*)

Raspberry Jam (1*)

New Forest Ice Cream:

Oriental Ginger (2*)

Saffron and Rosewater Ice Cream (1*)

Rosewater Ice Cream (1*)

Old Thumper Fudge Ice Cream (1*)


Corporal Wartime Recipe Pork Sausages (1*)

Real Jam and Chutney Company:

Summer Fruits Jam (1*)

Summerdown Farm:

Chocolate Mint Crisps (1*)

Sundowner Foods:

Maharaja (1*)

Two Hoots Cheese:

Rosethorn Blue (2*)

Barkham Blue (1*)

Wessex Wild Plum Company:

Damson Liqueur (1*)

Winchester Coffee Roasters:

Synergy Blend (1*)

Congratulations also to Hill Farm juice who as well as making their own juices make a Roseberry flavour of 'I Am Juice' for Evoco. The juice was awarded two gold stars.

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