The basic chorizo recipe is the same as for plain pork, but replace the sage and mace with cayenne pepper, paprika and garlic. Chorizo can be put in 36mm boar casings.

Another, and probably my favourite, chorizo recipe is this semi air-dried sausage that, unlike salami, is not left to develop a white powdery mould on the surface.


7.5kg pork

1.5kg beef

240g salt

24g saltpetre

20g ground black pepper

10g nutmeg

10g hot chilli powder

40g paprika

280g mild chilli powder

100ml olive oil


1 Trim the meat thoroughly, discarding any sinews.

2 Mince using a 5-6mm plate.

3 Add and blend the seasoning to the meat mix.

4 Fill 34-36mm boar casings and make to length, approximately 50cm.

5 Tie the two ends together using a fine butcher's twine.

6 Pre air-dry at 25?C (77?F) for 6 hours, then air-dry for about 2 weeks at a constant 15?C (60?F) and 80% humidity.

7 The shelf-life will be several weeks from the end of the drying stage.

8 Wiping with olive oil before sale or serving will enhance the appearance and colour of the sausages.

A large chorizo can be made using 54mm ox casings and with added back fat cut into thumbnail-sized pieces, add just enough to offer an alternative texture to the main mix. Of course the pre-drying and drying times need to be extended for the larger version. Once mature this chorizo can be served as thin slices.