Burger Approval for LJ Smith

Burger Approval for LJ Smith

Eastleigh based family butcher, with the support of Simply Safer a local food safety expert, has gained a hard to attain approval to supply caterers with burgers that can be served pink.

When burgers are made any bacteria on the outside of the meat, gets mixed into the burger. The only way to kill these harmful bacteria is by cooking the burger thoroughly.

Smith’s Family Butcher was one of the first of four butchers across the whole of the country to attain this approval. Currently there are a very few butchers who have achieved this approval to produce burgers of this quality, that can be supplied to restaurants who can offer their customers burgers that are less than thoroughly cooked, meeting the needs of those who like to experience gourmet burgers served medium rare.

Smith’s Family Butcher has gained full approval to be able to supply these burgers, which has meant they have moved into a brand new production area that is maintained to an extremely high standard. Pip Smith has had the support of Ruth Baker from independent food safety company, Simply Safer to produce all of the required written procedures that are required.

Ruth Baker is an ex- Environmental Health Officer; who founded Simply Safer. She says "Supporting businesses to achieve safe outcomes and comply to the law is far more rewarding than punishing businesses when they get things wrong." She continues, "With Council cuts, it is difficult for local councils to find the time to support business in this way."

Pip Smith says "we are very proud to be one of a few butchers in the country to have this approval" He continues "having Ruth to help make the paper work as simple as possible, has made a real difference."

Ruth has been running Simple Safer for three years, supporting small and local businesses to raise their standards and understanding of how to avoid serving customers food that could make them ill.