Brother and Sister Team Triumph at Great Hampshire Sausage and Pie Competition

Hampshire’s butchers turned out in force yesterday to showcase their talent at the Great Hampshire Sausage and Pie Competition. The annual meaty contest was organised by Hampshire Fare, to celebrate the county’s talented butchers. The event was held at the Holiday Inn in Winchester and supported by headline sponsors Lucas Ingredients, Dalziel and AHDB Pork and category sponsor Eric Robinson Solicitors .

The competition attracted an impressive 235 entries from 35 butchers, a 20% increase on last year’s figures. Contestants entered their products into thirteen different categories including; Hampshire Sausage, Hot Pie, Traditional Pork Pie, Black Pudding, Meatballs & Faggots, Charcuterie, Young Sausage Maker and Speciality Pork Sausage.  

The entries were carefully examined and assessed by a panel of professional judges working alongside a number of guest judges. The strict national guidelines focused on external and internal appearance, texture, structure, colour, smell and taste.

It was a pork, bacon and tomato sausage which most impressed the critical eyes and experienced taste buds of the judges receiving a top score of 100 points. The sausage was made by brother and sister team, Pip and Donna Smith from L.J Smith Butchers, originally owned by their father Les Smith. They were awarded the title of Supreme Champion 2015 and presented with bespoke trophies created by Paul Kennedy Studios and a shield to display in their Eastleigh and Bishopstoke butchers. Pip Smith commented on their win:

“We’re really surprised to have won! We put at least sixty man hours into getting our entries ready and yet we were still nervous dropping them off. It’s a tough business out there for butchers but we’re working really hard to continue to make a success of it and have recently managed to expand and open another shop in Bishopstoke.  Customers come to us because they know they will get quality, everything is made by hand with great attention to detail. We encourage people to come in and use us and our expertise when buying their meat, we’re eager to help our customers and provide an exceptional level of service. Come and try our award-winning sausages!”

Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards were presented to the most impressive entries with a Champion chosen in each category. John from Buckwells of Southsea has been a butcher for over fifty years and was “chuffed” to be announced as the Champion of two categories, Meatballs and Faggots and the Hampshire Sausage. To celebrate British Sausage Week (2-8 November) his winning Hampshire Sausage will be served in Ideal Collection’s No.5 Bridge Street in Winchester, The White Star in Otterbourne and The Bugle in Hamble.

Jack Tuckley, professional judge of the Speciality Sausage category was impressed by the standard of the entries: “I gave 100 points to one of today’s entries. That is something I have only done on two other occasions in my fifty years of judging. You could tell a lot of TLC and attention to detail had gone into them.”

Tracy Nash, Commercial Manager of Hampshire Fare, commented on the event, “Hampshire has so many talented butchers and this event really celebrates their skills. It highlights the local meat products available across the county and the expertise and experience which goes into making them. Well done to everyone who entered today and thank you to all those who supported the event. Next week is British Sausage Week so we hope to see plenty of people tucking into some of today’s award-winning bangers!”

The event was supported by: Lucas Ingredients, Dalziel, AHDB Pork, Eric Robinson Solicitors, The Meat Federation, Holiday Inn Winchester, Paul Kennedy Studio, Danebury Vineyard, New Forest Water, Chunky Wood, Southampton Trophies, Bowman Ales, Alexander Teas and Mozzo Coffee.

Photography by The Electric Eye Photography.


Supreme Champion 2015 – L.J Smith Butchers, Pip and Donna Smith  (Eastleigh & Bishopstoke)

Traditional Pork Sausage - Uptons of Bassett (Southampton)

Speciality Pork Sausage - L.J Smith – Pork, Bacon and Tomato (Eastleigh & Bishopstoke)

Lamb and Beef Sausage - L.J Smith – Arabian Lamb (Eastleigh & Bishopstoke)

Hampshire Sausage - Buckwells of Southsea – Sundodger (Southsea)

Home Cured Bacon - B. Drummond of Romsey – New Forest Oak Smoked (Romsey)

Meatballs and Faggots - Buckwells of Southsea (Southsea)

Traditional Pork Pies - Crow Farm Shop (Ringwood)

Speciality Pie – Cold-Eating - Mum and Dad’s Kitchen – Gluten Free Egg, Bacon and Chorizo (Southsea)

Speciality Pie – Hot-Eating - Mum and Dad’s Kitchen – Gluten Free Chicken and Chorizo (Southsea)

Ready Meals - Soles Butchers – Moroccan Lamb (Alresford)

Black Pudding  - Owtons (Southampton)

Hampshire Charcuterie - Ambrose Sausages – Hampshire Salami (Eastleigh)

Young Sausage Maker - Grover Butchers – Dragon’s Breath made by Hayden Voller (Bishop's Waltham)

New Forest Marque Winner - Cobley Wood Farm (Ringwood)



Gold Awards

Ambrose Sausages

Hampshire Charcuterie – Diablo Salami
Hampshire Charcuterie – Hampshire Salami
Traditional Pork Sausage
Speciality Sausage – Wild Mushroom
Home Cured Bacon – Maple Smoked Back
Home Cured Bacon – Truffle Infused Smoked Streaky

Cobley Wood Farm
Traditional Pork Sausage (Traditional Saddleback)
Speciality Sausage (Pork and Marmalade)

Owtons Butchers
Black Pudding
Speciality Pork Sausage (Pork and Leek)
Home Cured Bacon – Owton’s Green Streaky

Price Farm Foods
Meatballs and faggots

Bethney's Butchers
Young Sausage Maker

Greenfield Pork Products
Traditional Pork Sausage (King Alfred)
Speciality Pork Sausage (Pork, Leek and Stilton)
Hampshire Sausage (Pork, Goats’ Cheese and Watercress)
Home cured bacon

Harriotts of West Meon
Hampshire Sausage (Pork and Watercress)

Newlyns Farm Shop
Hampshire Charcuterie (Biltong)
Hampshire Sausage (Old English)
Traditional Pork Pie
Cold Eating Pie – Sausage roll

Crow Farm Shop
Traditional Pork Sausage
Traditional Pork Pie
Cold Eating Pie  (Game)

HG Witt & Son
Hampshire Charcuterie (Rose Veal and Sweet Chilli Sausage)
Lamb/Beef Sausage – Beef with Tomato and Garlic

Uptons of Bassett
Ready Meal (Beef Blade and Root Veg Dauphinois)
Traditional Pork Sausage
Speciality Sausage (Pork and Italian Herbs)
Speciality Sausage (Pork and Jalepeno)
Home Cured Bacon (Pannera Smoked Bacon)
Home Cured Bacon (Wild Boar Streaky Bacon)
Meatballs and Faggots
Traditional Pork Pie
Cold Eating Pie (Pork, Smoked Chicken and Quails Egg)

Danestream Farm Shop
Hot Eating Pie (Luxury Steak)

Blackwater Pork
Homecured Bacon (Collar)
Meatballs and Faggots

A Turner & Sons
Speciality Sausage (Hair of the Hog Real Ale)

Mill Farm Organic
Lamb/Beef Sausage (Organic Beef & Horseradish)

KA Gardener Family Butchers
Traditional Pork Sausage
Speciality Sausage (Pepper Pork)
Lamb/Beef Sausage
Home Cured Bacon (smoked back)
Home Cured Bacon (Green Back)

Mum & Dad’s Kitchen
Cold Eating Pie (Gluten Free Egg, Bacon and Chorizo)
Hot Eating Pie (Gluten Free Chicken and Chorizo)
Hot Eating Pie (Pulled Pork and Crackling)

Speciality Sausage (warrier)
Lamb/Beef (Merguez)
Hampshire Sausage (Sundodger)
Meatballs and faggots (Faggots)
Meatballs and faggots (Italian Style Meatballs)
Traditional Pork Pie
Hot Eating Pie (Lamb and winter veg)

B Drummond Butchers
Home Cured Bacon (New Forest Oak Smoked Back Bacon)
Home Cured Bacon (New Forest Oak Smoked Long Back Bacon)

Devese Farm Animals
Meatballs and Faggots (Italian)

Grover Butchers
Young Sausage Maker (Dragons Breath)

Soles Butchers
Ready Meal (Moroccan Lamb)
Hampshire Sausage (Pork, Watercress and Ale)
Hot Eating Pie (Peppered Steak)

Real Country Butchers
Ready Meal (Bombay Beef Curry)
Ready Meal (Greek Style Lamb Casserole)
Ready Meal (Pork and Cider Casserole)
Meatballs and Faggots (Meatballs in Italian Herb and Tomato Sauce)

L J Smith Family Butchers
Black Pudding
Young Sausage Maker (Pork Stilton and Leek)
Speciality Sausage (Pork Bacon and tomato)
Speciality Sausage (Pork, Goats Cheese and Watercress)
Speciality Sausage (Smoked Pork)
Lamb/Beef Sausage (Arabian Lamb)
Lamb/Beef Sausage (Moroccan Lamb)
Hot Eating Pie (Chicken Bacon and Leek)
Hot Eating Pie (Traditional Pork Sausage)

The Butcher Shop
Traditional Pork Sausage
Speciality Pork Sausage (Pork and Spring Onion)
Lamb/Beef Sausage (Traditional Beef)
Home Cured Bacon (Smoked Back Bacon)
Home Cured Bacon (Traditional Back Bacon)