A summer of flavour from Caroline's Dairy

A summer of flavour from Caroline's Dairy

With a burst of sun comes an urge for an ice cream! Fortunately Caroline’s Dairy in Sidlesham has been thinking of the summer for a while now and already has a perfect summer ice cream menu sorted!

Available in shops and restaurants between April and September, this year’s Summer Menu features both brand new flavours as well as the return of some
favourites. With lots of light and delicate flavours, the chef’s menu includes the new Lime Ice Cream, a tart and tangy but deliciously creamy combination. Beautiful in colour and indulgent in taste, Amarena Cherry is another new flavour set to launch this summer as well as Caroline’s own seasonal special Panna Cotta & Peach, a soft and creamy ice cream with a ripple of peach sweetness. Flavour favourites Rhubarb and White Mint Chocolate Chip will also make a welcome return to the chef’s menu.

Flavours to look out for in the shops this summer include Lime Cheesecake, a combination of tangy lime with creamy sweet cheese and crunchy biscuit pieces; this new flavour has already been recognised in the 2016 National Ice Cream Competition. Conjuring up all the different tastes and flavours of summer holidays, Amarena Cherry, Rhubarb and Coconut will also be available to buy in 500ml pots.

As well as ice cream, retailers can now stock Caroline’s Dairy Sorbets with the award-winning Alphonso Mango being the first flavour to launch this new range. Caroline’s Dairy Ice Cream and Sorbets are available to buy in shops and outlets across the South, and can also be found on menus at some of the best local restaurants and eateries.

If you are interested in stocking Caroline's Dairy Ice Cream phone 01243 641001 or visit www.carolinesdairy.co.uk