8 Sausage recipes to celebrate British Sausage Week

8 Sausage recipes to celebrate British Sausage Week

Chef Simon Rimmer is one of several chefs who has contributed a recipe to a publication to celebrate British Sausage Week (4-10 November).

Local pig farmers and butchers, Ambrose Sausages has made all the sausage flavours featured in the booklet to enable customers to be able to make all the recipes. The special Sausage Week flavours include Spicy Pork, Toulouse-Style Pork, Pork and Apple, Pork,Leek & Bacon, Pork and Chilli, Smoky Pork and Lincolnshire Pork.

As with all their products, the sausages are made from their own traditional and rare breed pigs reared on their small holding near Upham. Their animals benefit from living outdoors in large paddocks. They are fed a diet of fruit, vegetables and cereals and live a contented and stress-free life growing slowly and naturally.

You can pick up a copy of the recipe booklet (online link below) and buy the sausages from Ambrose Sausages at this Wednesday's Winchester Produce Market and from Hampshire Farmers' Markets this coming weekend.

Read more about Ambrose Sausages in the current issue of Hampshire Chronicle.

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