Bee Brave- Beekeeping Course

Bee Brave- Beekeeping Course

Keeping bees as a hobby is a rewarding, enjoyable, reasonably inexpensive and challenging pastime that will encourage you to be more familiar with your local eco-system whilst enjoying the delicious fruits of your labour! However some basic knowledge and practical skills will prevent your first few months from turning into a nightmare with a ‘sting in the tail’! 

Each course comprises a total of three days tuition; two days of theory in March and then a practical ‘hands-on’ day with the bees in June.

John Geden, the founder of Sinah Common Honey, will teach the course; Currently managing over 100 colonies of bees John has over 26 years of beekeeping experience to share. He is a qualified beekeeper with the British Beekeeping Association (BBKA) a member of the Bee Farmers Association with DASH accreditation (Disease Accreditation Scheme for Honeybees) and holds qualified teacher status in adult learning & development. The Sinah Common Honey Basic Beekeeping course is a modular learning programme aimed at the beginner who will have little or no previous knowledge. It is designed to equip the hobbyist beekeeper with the required knowledge & skills to ensure that their adventure is a pleasant one for them, their family, the bees and of course their neighbours! In addition Sinah Common Honey offer an optional on-going ‘mentoring’ service to students to support them in their first six months as a beekeeper.

Their courses have been running for four years and are hugely successful with many new beekeepers now keeping bees in their gardens and enjoying their own very local honey.

The courses are always oversubscribed so book early to avoid being left out.

Details of the course can be found on the Sinah Common Honey Website.


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