Wessex Wild Plum Liqueur Tasting at Mash Brewery

The Wessex Wild Plum Company produces award winning drinks made to traditional recipes and with artisan methods, slowly produced using only plums, a delicate gin and fine sugar. Only fruit from the plum family is used, grown and harvested from their own orchards.

Join Mash Brewery on Saturday 19th May to sample five different plum liqueurs and learn all about how it is made. Cold meats and cheeses from local Hampshire producers will be available, along with a variety of other snacks to complement the liqueurs.


Golden Bullace – made with golden bullace plums, gives an unexpected citrus tasting note that allows it to be enjoyed throughout the day and evening.

Red Bullace – this is their most refined drink, enticing you with its wonderful translucent red colour.

Sloe Fuse – made with sloes, golden and red bullace it has more body and fruitiness than other similar drinks.

Damson – a full bodied drink with a deep fruity flavour and can be enjoyed on its own or as a mixer with sparkling wines and cocktails.

Kea – made with kea plums from Cornwall, it is their plummiest, giving it a great versatility on its own and as a mixer.


£16.76 per person

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