Sausage Masterclass with Uptons of Bassett

Sausage Masterclass with Uptons of Bassett

Join Uptons of Bassett for this very hands on sausage course.

You will start by breaking down a side of pork and boning some pork cuts, looking at which cuts are used for sausages. As you work you will taste different sausages. The pork would have already been minced, you will start making two different types of sausages, one continental (all meat and course cut) as well as a classic English sausage. You'll mix all the sausage meats up and then make the sausages, learning how to pump them out and tie them up. 

If time permits you will make a Scottish square sausage and french crepinette, which is sausage meat wrapped in caul fat (tastes great, better than it sounds). The sausages and all produce you make will be taken home for your family and friends. You'll end the evening having sausages for dinner with a glass of wine or a soft dink and talk sausages instead of tripe. 

The Masterclass will run from 6:30pm - 9:30pm and costs £95 per person and booking is essential.

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