108 The Bakery X Flack's Taproom Pop up

108 The Bakery X Flack's Taproom Pop up

Welcome to 108 The Bakery X Flack's Taproom Pop up! Join us at Flack's Brewery for a one-of-a-kind event where delicious seasonal dough-based magic from 108 The Bakery meet the fantastic brews of Flack's Taproom.

We'll be serving up Double Drop Flatbreads filled with delicious, seasonal fillings. Admission to the taproom is free, but feel free to pre-order your food to avoid disappointment. You'll be pleased to know we have reserved excellent weather for the day!


Hampshire Asparagus, hebry pea sauce and goats cheese Double Drop Flatbread Sandwich (suitalbe for vegetarians)

Dorset Coppa, Wild Nettle Pesto, Mozzarella amd Rocket Douple Drop Flatbread Sandwich

Caponata and Wild Pesto Flatbread Sandwich (suitable for vegans)

Kids Margarita Double Drop Flatbread Sandwich


New Forest Strawberries and Cream (Vegan option available)

Chocolate Pot with Painau chocolat biscotti


See you there

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