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Native to the Japanese mountains and famous for its aromatic pungency, fresh wasabi is thriving in Hampshire. 

Wild wasabi growing alongside streams in the Japanese mountains takes advantage of nutrient rich water, mild temperatures and summer shade provided by the leaves of large trees growing alongside the banks of the streams.  It is these conditions that they recreate on their Hampshire wasabi farms. Their wasabi takes advantage of naturally abundant spring water rich in minerals and nutrients, which bubbles to the surface from artesian springs at the top of old watercress beds that they have adapted for wasabi cultivation. 

Classic with sushi, fantastic with fish and great with steak, fresh wasabi is wowing chefs all over Europe.

Although wasabi is classically paired with sushi and sashimi they have found almost every chef they supply finds a new way to serve fresh wasabi. Raymond Blanc uses his in a beurre blanc, The Ledbury pair it with a short rib of beef and The Fat Duck created a wasabi snow for their Christmas menu. Freshly grated wasabi is versatile in the extreme and simply prepared by trimming the stems and grating to a paste.

The pungent heat of wasabi differs from chilli. It develops quickly and rises up the sinuses rather than holding in the mouth, then quickly dissipates. The flavour of fresh wasabi is produced when the individual cell walls inside the rhizome are broken down by grating the rhizomes to a very fine paste. This instigates a chemical reaction which reaches peak flavour and pungency after 3-5 mins and holds for 20 mins before dissipating.

Grow your own wasabi

Grow your own enthusiasts all over the UK have been taking up the wasabi challenge by growing their own wasabi. Happiest in a sheltered, shady spot wasabi will be thrive in areas of the garden other plants struggle to grow, it can also be grown in a pot. Rhizomes take 18-24 months to develop but as this plant is 100% edible leaves, leaf stems and flowers can all be harvested and enjoyed while waiting for the prized rhizomes to form at the base of the plant, just above the soil.

Buy fresh wasabi online for next day delivery or grow your own and enjoy flowers, leaves and leaf stems while you wait for the precious rhizomes to develop.

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