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Welcome to our ‘window box’ within Hampshire Fare, where we endeavour to bring our art of crafting premium organic spirits to life. Discover who we are, what sets us apart, and the motivation and boundless passion that fuels our craft.

Our certified organic micro, or more accurately nano--distillery is situated on the Hampshire border in picturesque Christchurch. Artisan tradition permeates every step of our spirit-making process. Our flagship product, Pothecary Gin 'Original', is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. It has gained international recognition, earning prestigious awards that highlight its exceptional quality and unique character.

Behind our creations is our founder and distiller Martin Jennings, a true foodie, who, having studied at catering college, has dedicated over 35 years to the food and drinks industry. We believe that Martin's commitment to creating premium spirits that are more intense, made with high quality organic ingredients and produced with respect for the environment shines through.

Within our distillery, traditional copper pot stills take centre stage, being the foundation for our distinctive gins. But we don't stop there, our production method is not ‘London Dry’ but ‘British Blended’.  It is this very process that allows us to craft spirits that burst with the intense flavours and captivating aromas Martin envisioned. Each botanical is carefully distilled separately, capturing its unique character and unlocking its individual hidden depths. Then, Martin skilfully combines these distillates, adding pure New Forest Spring Water to achieve the desired alcohol volume and perfect balance of flavours. Our blended method of production yields, incomparable aromas and flavours, and remarkable complexity. We take great pride in crafting fuss free genuine premium organic spirits with natural intense flavours—free from gimmicks, artificial additives, sugar, glitter, and secret ingredients.

Our passion for a handcrafted approach extends into our distillery garden and beyond. We wild forage for some of our botanicals and are on a journey to achieve certified organic status for our distillery garden, the smallest plot in the country, with the esteemed Biodynamic Association UK. We are a quarter of the way through our two-year conversion period. This commitment to sustainability and purity will enable us to hand grow and hand pick some of our own certified organic botanicals. It's a labour of love, rooted in a deep respect for the environment, and a desire to create high quality, organic, handcrafted drinks that celebrate artisan craft.

We are excited to share our craft with you and warmly invite you to experience the result of artisan distilling through our award-winning spirits, each one handcrafted with a commitment to creating exceptional quality organic spirits that are distinctively different, decidedly smooth, and deliciously moreish.

Other Services

We also offer ‘meet the maker- taster events’ ‘The art of mixology – cocktail making events’ and ‘It’s a Gin thing – immersive day where you create your own gin’.  Please email

We also create bespoke gins for businesses, or for special occasions such as weddings, please email

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