Mozzo Coffee

We’re big believers in the uplifting power of coffee, from raising our spirits each morning to fuelling positive change every day. A hub for community connection, Mozzo brings together growers, customers and drinkers to share the buzz of the beloved coffee bean.

Founded in Hampshire in 2005, from a little red wind and solar-powered art covered coffee cart, Mozzo has always sought to bring people together through coffee connection.

We set up the C2C Fund™ in 2015 to underpin our entire business, ensuring accountable social and environmental impact is delivered both close to home and in our coffee-growing communities. Every coffee bean we sell contributes directly to the Fund - our commitment runs far deeper than cost per bean. It’s not fair trade, it’s friendship.

Inextricable from our purpose, our coffee beans are sourced and roasted with the upmost care and focus on consistency so we can deliver a product range that is continually reliable, flavourful and does more than pay lip service to the people who grew it.

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