Louis Pommery England

The History of Pinglestone Estate dates back to 2014 when Paul-François Vranken, owner of Vranken, Heidsieck Monopole and Pommery Champagne Houses, had the brilliant idea to develop the production of an English Sparkling Wine. The first bottles of English Sparkling Wine were produced in collaboration with local Hampshire winemakers and were the first to be sold by a Champagne group, under the Louis Pommery England brand.

In 2017, what was then only a project became reality: the first vines were planted at a place called Pinglestone, where chalk is the dominant element. This windswept place allows quality viticulture for the production of sparkling wine.
Aware of the richness of the Pinglestone terroir and faithful to the values of the founder, viticulture in Pinglestone wants to be environmentally friendly from the start and was certified "Sustainable Wine of Great Britain" in 2021.

The first harvests of the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Meunier and Pinot Gris bunches were carried out in 2020. A few more years will still be necessary to taste the wines of Pinglestone!

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