Hildon Natural Mineral Water

Deep in the heart of the idyllic Hampshire countryside lies the 165-acre Hildon estate, source of the eponymous bottled natural mineral water.

But visitors would be hard pushed to notice evidence of any commercial activity, despite the state of the art facility which produces around 15 million litres of water a year.  The landscape appears virtually untouched, as deer roam freely, red kite wheel overhead and hares and other wildlife dart around.

The Land

Like fine wine, Hildon Water is heavily influenced by its ‘terroir’ or the land from which it flows. The chalk hills of the Test Valley provide its fresh clean taste, which is why it is so vital the land is preserved as it always has been.

Whether planting new trees to enhance the natural habitat or investing in low emission vehicles, all the company does is with one eye on the environment.

The Taste

With its distinctive blue branding and Bordeaux-inspired bottle, Hildon which has won blind tastings conducted by some of the world’s most discerning palates, will be instantly familiar to anyone who has stayed in the best hotels or eaten at Michelin-starred restaurants.

From the Ritz to the Waterside Inn, and the Royal Opera House to the Tate Gallery, Hildon Water is the go-to brand for those who value quality, provenance and sustainability.

The History and the product

Established back in 1989 by the German entrepreneur Christian Heppe, Hildon is bottled from a single protected and named source.

However, producing something so simple is not as easy as it might appear. And it’s certainly not a process that can be hurried. Rainwater filters through porous rock, which removes any impurities in the water and imbues it with minerals and its own distinctive taste. Over 50 years it then filters into an underground aquifer, from where the water is extracted.

Stored underground until it reaches the bottling plant, nothing is added or removed from the water, with the exception of a gentle blast of carbonation for the Delightfully Sparkling range.

Hildon and the community

Hildon may be keen to avoid leaving its footprint behind on the environment, but it is dedicated to making its mark on the community. As part of that, the Hildon Foundation was established, and a wide range of charities, including Help for Heroes and local children’s hospice Naomi’s House have benefited over the years.

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