Join us with education membership

This membership is designed for food, drink and craft producers who are not using enough Hampshire produce to meet the criteria for Producer Membership

membership criteria 

(Cookery schools, home economists, instructors, colleges and universities)

  • Must promote the sourcing of Hampshire ingredients and raw materials.
  • In demonstrations and courses, at least one produce from each of the following must be of Hampshire origin or from within 10 miles of the county boarder:
    - Meat, Fish & Game  - Fruit & Vegetables  - Eggs & Dairy  - Drinks & Condiments
  • Craft demonstrations and courses should centre on raw materials from Hampshire or from within 10 miles.
  • The business itself must be based in Hampshire or within 10 miles of the county boundary.

Annual Membership fees

Training Providers
Cookery Schools, Colleges &

£185 +VAT