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In partnership with Hampshire Fare we are excited to host a free one-day event on Friday 19th May 9.30-4.00pm 'Our Food, Our Environment'.

Join the UK’s most unique food research team and guests to explore, debate and answer some of the biggest questions facing society’s use of food. We invite industry, campaigners, government and academics but most of all anyone with an interest in how we choose to eat impacts our environment, on a quest to develop a sustainable future for our food system.

OUR FOOD OUR ENVIRONMENT will dissect the “every day” subject of food that impacts every aspect of private and professional lives, the places where we live and our planet.

We will explore the biggest questions on the planet facing food production and debate the future of food systems, nutrition, psychology, distribution, packaging, contract and retail.

In the afternoon, we welcome Professor Rosemary Green from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine who will be speaking on the subject of “Food and Planetary Health”. This will be followed by a panel discussion in which Professor Lisa Jack (University of Portsmouth), Professor Elisabetta Manunza (Utrecht University) and Jo Colman (Summerdown) will discuss how we can make choices in how we grow, consume, eat and waste food that will make our environment (coastal, rural, urban, global) more sustainable and resilient.

In the morning, join our presentations and discussions on a wide range of issues from Food and the environment; Health and food issues; Cultural and media representations of food and the environment; Psychology of food and drink; and many others. Our presenters come from Portsmouth and across the UK, all tackling the issues of food and its impact on our living spaces, and our wider environment.


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