The Great Solent Seafood Course

The Great Solent Seafood Course

As part of Hampshire & Isle of Wight’s Great Solent Seafood Campaign, cookery workshops have been organised to give people the confidence to prepare and cook a variety of Great Solent Seafood at home. One such course was held at Lemon & Soul Cookery School, based in Upton’s of Bassett, Southampton.

With seafood fresh from the Solent, via Fareham’s Sealicious, Katarina Broadribb of Lemon & Soul Cookery School, guided the participants, including advice on what to look for when buying crabs and fresh fish.

Participants then prepared a dressed crab, and filleted their own plaice. The filleting involved cutting round the fish head, making an incision along the back to the bone, then making slow knife strokes easing flesh away from the bones. Katarina then demonstrated how to pan fry the plaice fillets with butter, lemon and parsley, as well as cook plaice en papillote – a method best suited to white fish.

The prepared fillets were cooked over hot coals and served with a choice of delicious salads prepared by Katarina. The workshop was very successful in giving people kitchen confidence - showing that cooking seafood can be quick and easy, as well as very flavoursome when it is so fresh.

Katarina offers a variety of cookery workshops. More details and a selection of recipes are available on the Lemon & Soul website HERE.

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust’s Great Solent Seafood campaign, in partnership with Hampshire Fare, is helping to raise awareness of the Solent's fishing industry and seasonal, sustainably-caught local seafood. For more information, visit the Hampshire & Isle of Wight’s website HERE

If you are interested in learning more about preparing and cooking seafood there is an opportunity to win places on a Great Solent Seafood cookery workshop at Season Cookery School, Lainston House, near Winchester. Enter HERE.

Great Solent Seafood forms part of Secrets of the Solent, an exciting marine project supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The project is celebrating the amazing wildlife and people that share the Solent's coast and waters, through art, cuisine, citizen science and more.