A Life in Food: Introducing Giddy Nibbles

A Life in Food: Introducing Giddy Nibbles

Amanda Fox and Tracy Moore had a eureka moment while out walking which led to the launch of Giddy Nibbles.

They explain: “The idea for Giddy Nibbles came about during the second lockdown in 2020. We had both been thinking about setting up a business and lockdown gave us the time to discuss (on walks and on Zoom) how we could combine our personal interests with our individual business strengths. Recipe and food discussions led to a eureka moment when we both realised bake-at-home savoury biscuits weren’t already available in the UK.

“Lockdown also allowed us to source special cheese from local producers as their usual outlets had shut due to the pandemic. We launched the brand at the end of 2020, choosing a name inspired by the idea of a ‘giddy hour’, taking that bit of time out in the day to appreciate having something delicious to enjoy with a drink or a lunchtime bowl of soup.

“Giddy Nibbles are the UK’s first bake-at-home artisan cheese biscuits made from artisan cheese and butter, and contain 100% British ingredients with many sourced locally. We are very aware that customers want to enjoy all-natural treats and we are transparent about our ingredients and where they are sourced. We focus on the sustainability of our ingredients, sourcing as locally as we can and delivering in recyclable and reusable packaging. 

"The positives for us, running our own business, include the freedom to choose our working hours, and to work with people we enjoy being with; Hampshire’s foodie community has been overwhelmingly welcoming and supportive. Another positive is getting to eat a lot of cheese! The worst aspects are the frustrations when we find we don’t have the necessary skills – for example, there’s no IT desk to turn to!

“What’s next for Giddle Nibbles? Due to customer interest we are now woking on gluten-free products. Plus we’d love to take the brand nationwide and extend the range with chutneys and other food that goes well with a Giddy Nibble.”

Any tips for others starting out?

1 You don’t have to do it all at once! We’ve tried to be very disciplined about taking things one step at a time because we discovered early on how easy it is to feel overwhelmed.

2 Test, test, test. Ask friends to sample your products and ask for very honest feedback. It can be hard to hear that a favourite flavour needs additional seasoning, but you only get better if you’re willing to adapt.

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