Ice Cream With a Fresh Approach

Ice Cream With a Fresh Approach

Two Hampshire Fare members, Jude’s and Summerdown, have recreated a traditional favourite for the 21st century that licks all the boxes. This collaboration between two local B-Corp certified businesses shows how delicious local, plant-based and sustainable tastes. 

Available at the end of this month (31 August 2022), Jude's plant-based Mint Chocolate is made with English Black Mitcham peppermint oil from Summerdown.

Currently celebrating its 20th year, second generation family business Jude’s has collaborated with Summerdown to create this tempting vegan Mint Chocolate 'ice cream': a rich and creamy, yet delicately flavoured mint 'ice cream' rippled with a velvety chocolate swirl and rich dark chocolate pieces. Available from the Jude’s gift shop and Ocado from the end of the month, Mint Chocolate celebrates the friendship and craftsmanship of both Jude’s and Summerdown. Created by the flavour experts at Jude’s using English Black Mitcham peppermint which has been grown, harvested and distilled on Summerdown’s family farm in Hampshire for three decades, Mint Chocolate is a fresh yet indulgent choice.

The two farms are just over 20 miles apart and both businesses are certified as B-Corp. The new flavour is plant based as part of Jude’s commitment to make 50% of its range vegan by 2025. Jude’s is committed to reducing its carbon intensity and plant based ice cream has, on average, a 40% lower carbon footprint than dairy. Like all Jude’s flavours, Plant Based Mint Chocolate is made with the lowest possible environmental impact and all emissions are fully offset.

Jude’s MD, and one of Jude’s sons, Chow Mezger comments, ‘It was an absolute joy to have the expertise of the peppermint people at Summerdown as we created this wonderfully balanced Mint Chocolate ice cream. Plant Based Mint Chocolate is unbelievably creamy, and I love the way the smooth ice cream, chocolate ripple and crunchy chocolate chips work together.’