Good Out of Bad

Good Out of Bad

Tales from lockdown. Jon Barfoot of Boxxfresh writes about “making good out of a bad situation” in the first in a new series about how local businesses have had to reinvent themselves in response to unprecedented times

Boxxfresh is an on demand, bespoke box service delivering locally and countrywide on a weekly basis. Boxxfresh’s focus is on working closely with growers to supply the freshest produce as well as carefully selected larder essentials and their signature sweet potato breads (including a gluten free veg bread). They have been named by the Independent as one of the best fresh produce boxes nationwide - read all about it HERE.

Jon Barfoot says: “At Boxxfresh we’ve learned a lot over the last few months. Growth has now tailed off but we have sustained our numbers, and are keeping the shopping page open all week. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic we had to close the page after reaching 1500 orders in just 30 minutes as this was our capacity! Since then we’ve built up capacity, although it was a slow process due to space restrictions and social distancing in the workplace. 

“Covid-19 certainly drove awareness and created demand for home delivery more effectively than any marketing campaign! Having already established a detailed process and a national branded service meant we could capitalise on this.

“It’s certainly opened people’s eyes to alternative offerings via home delivery. New customers have stayed as they’ve had a great experience. However, there’s more competition now as B2B food service companies have had to go B2C in order to survive. 

“These are certainly Interesting times!”

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