Keep Healthy; Eat Seasonally

Keep Healthy; Eat Seasonally

During lockdown, we're eating in and trying to eat healthily. One way to achieve that is by buying or ordering deliveries of fresh, seasonal, local produce. So what's in season now?

Rhubarb is the only fruit. However veg is abundant with Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celeriac, Jerusalem artichoke, kale, leeks, new potatoes, onions, parsnips, purple sprouting broccoli, radish, salsify, spring greens, swede, and watercress.

Make crisp slaws, stir-frys, robust soups and stews.

Looking ahead - come May the first asparagus spears appear. There are also globe artichoke, salad leaves and lots of herbs such as basil, chives, dill, mint and parsley. Create quick salads topped with soft or hard boiled eggs (depending on personal preference).

Lamb is a favourite this time of year. However fish and shellfish is a great choice - but always ask your local fishmonger for sustainably caught fish. 

In April the following are in season: ​​​​​clam, coley, crab, herring, langoustine, lobster, plaice, prawn, red mullet, salmon, brown trout, shrimp, whelk and whitebait. And in May: cod, coley, crab, flounder, haddock, herring, lobster, plaice, pollack, prawn, salmon, brown trout, shrimp, whelks and whitebait.

Eat well; eat seasonally. It's good for health, environment and local economy.