Stir Up Sunday with Fiona Hill & Jen Williams

Stir Up Sunday with Fiona Hill & Jen Williams


Join Jennifer Williams and her good friend Fiona Hill, founder and Chef of the Real Food company at Jen’s country kitchen in the heart of the New Forest and enjoy Stir Up Sunday with the experts. You will make your best-ever Christmas Pudding, and Mincemeat to use in mince pies and other Christmas treats.

The course starts at 2pm with an introduction by Jen and Fiona. They will take you through the plan for the afternoon in detail and talk a little about the ingredients chosen and why.

Fiona will then guide you through creating the best Christmas Pudding.

We will take a short break for seasonal refreshments. 

Afterwards, you'll make Naked Jam’s Mincemeat.

The afternoon will end with a tasting session and each participant will receive personal feedback, both from Jen, Fiona and their classmates. 

You will leave at 4.30 pm approx with your Christmas Pudding, 5 jars of the best mincemeat you have ever made, and a wealth of hints and tips.

Car parking available on-site

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