The Commoner's Larder

A traditional family run Commoning farm in the New Forest.

We believe that stock that has been raised as naturally and as free as possible, produce the finest quality meat. We pride ourselves on an open and honest approach to our stock rearing.

At Storm's Farm, we turn out cattle and sheep to graze the common lands during the Summer months. Pigs are released into the woods during the autumn (called Pannage) to hoover up the acorns and beech mast.

The acorns are poisonous to the ponies and cattle but the pigs absolutely love them with no side effects what so ever. These pigs are the next thing to being completely free, roaming wherever they wish. The benefiting result for us, is pork with the most incredible flavour and texture.

Our pork, beef, lamb and chicken eggs can be delivered directly to your doorstep, in any size or quantity that you would like.

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