Honesty Coffee Shop, Kingsclere

The Honesty group have a number of coffee shops which are located across Hampshire and just over the border into Berkshire. They provide the perfect environment in which to relax, chat, eat, drink and watch the world go by. 

Honesty use rainforest alliance coffee beans in their own Honesty blend coffee, ethically produced teas and all the Honesty produce is all made using traditional methods and no additives, chemical flavour enhancers or preservatives.  

As a business they endeavour to search out locations where they can become part of the community, working in harmony with other businesses rather than in competition with them and all locations are popular with walkers and cyclists; dogs welcome! 

The venues:

Honesty Inkpen is set within the grounds of the Crown & Garter, and is a superb location for cyclists, ramblers and dog walkers. 

Honesty Kingsclere sits in the high street, not far from the Wayfarers Walk; small but beautifully formed.

Honesty Hungerford is at Barrs Yard on the A4 Hungerford this modern, light and airy building sits in the cutest retail setting.

Honesty at Houghton Lodge is housed in the tearoom, overlooking the walled garden at Houghton Lodge Gardens, near Stockbridge.

Honesty Overton is a cafe and deli, in the North West of Hampshire; the perfect spot to purchase some delicious food and drink.

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