Chocolate by Miss Witt

Chocolate by Miss Witt produces awarding winning delights, using exquisite ingredients from various producers across the world, taking you on a journey of tastes and flavours that linger long after the chocolate is eaten!

Miss Witt runs chocolate making experiences and workshops. Under her guidance you will learn all about the chocolate she uses. Her infectious enthusiasm for the subject will have you wanting for more as you make gorgeous creations of your own and contemplate scooping the bowl afterwards!

Miss Witt has received numerous World Academy of Chocolate Awards and is widely respected in the fine chocolate industry.

“Kerry has now firmly established herself to be considered one of the leading chocolatiers in the UK.

That she is consistently a contender for the industry’s leading awards, are a testament to her dedication to continuous improvement and her enthusiasm and affinity for teaching students of all ages allows her to successfully pass on her considerable knowledge and skills”

Keith Hurdman - Master Chocolatier & Confectioner-Academy of Chocolate Awards Committee 

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