The mission at Boxxfresh is to “help people get more fresh produce into their lives, delivered to their front doors on a weekly basis." And that’s exactly what they do!

Born from Kelly's kitchen table in 2016 with the vision of bringing people closer to where their food comes from and helping them to source better quality produce. Being married into a vegetable farming family has inspired Kelly, developing her passion for using a wide range of fresh produce from the traditional to the exotic.

Boxxfresh is an on-demand service; where you aren't tied into monthly subscriptions. They are there to help when you need it, whatever your requirement. Delivering throughout Hampshire and its borders, their passion is not only to delight you with the quality of produce, but also their personalised service to your front door for just £1.50.

Boxxfresh work closely with their growers to ensure the finest, freshest local produce. You’ll notice how much longer it lasts at home and appreciate wasting less. A bespoke service means you get to choose exactly what you want, pay only for what you need and reduce your food bill and waste at the same time.

What's more they also have a larder of extras including delicious sweet potato bread and vegtastic smoothies and are constantly developing recipes through the seasons. Kelly and creative partner Kate have built an extensive cookbook of simple and tasty everyday recipes that bring to life this vegtastical journey.

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