Harvest Fine Foods

Harvest Fine Foods is a local, privately owned, independent delivered food service company. We supply a comprehensive range of over 4000 ambient, dry, chilled, frozen, refrigerated produce and fresh fruit and vegetables for professional caters within Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, West Sussex and Surrey. Their clients include private and state schools, NHS trusts, residential care homes, outside caterers, manufacturers, independent pubs and pubs groups, along with fine dining restaurants and hotels.

Harvest are proud to be corporate partners of Hampshire Fare because they are dedicated to supporting the local economy and the hard work of our British producers. One of the many reasons why sourcing locally where possible makes sense is that their customers are demanding local produce, this is because they are proud of their local area and they want to tell their diners of the provenance on their menus.

Their aim is to form long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with all their clients. They believe business should be fun and are always on the look-out for new customers who share their values of mutual respect, honesty and trust. Havest's focus is to understand your business and deliver the optimal foodservice solution, to help you maximise your profitability.

Within the local community they look after the environment by recycling and employing ‘route optimisation software’ to minimise the mileage covered when making their deliveries and support local-charities and organisations such as schools, colleges and hospitals to promote food and produce awareness.

Their membership of the Country Range Group, (a national buying consortium of 11 wholesalers covering the whole of the UK, with an annual turnover in excess of £400 million) means that they are also very competitive with an own brand label. Harvest Fine Foods is the only member based in the South of England and they have access to over 800 key ingredients delivering value for money to their customers, but also with access to and support from nationally recognised brands.

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