Great Solent Seafood

Healthy, delicious, and versatile – it’s no wonder that seafood is a favourite food of many people. Eating fish and shellfish can be a great way to broaden your culinary horizons and better connect with our seas, as long as we do it in a sustainable way.

While fishing methods vary a lot, some can have a significant negative impact on the marine environment. Certain kinds of gear can damage important habitats and harm species other than those being fished for. Even stocks of the target species can be put under immense pressure if they aren't managed properly.

What's more, much of the seafood we catch in the UK is sent overseas while around 80% of what we eat is imported. Demand for local species is low here, and the foreign markets we export to often place less emphasis on sustainability. This means that suppliers in our region have fewer opportunities to support low-impact fishing.

To tackle this, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust is partnering with Hampshire Fare to champion local sustainable seafood from wave to plate. Our new campaign, Great Solent Seafood, is working with people across our two counties to build a brighter future for our food and our waters.

Catch, sell, or serve seafood?

We’re looking for businesses from all parts of the local seafood supply chain to join our campaign. We’ll work with you to set attainable goals, support you in achieving them, and promote your efforts as a participating supplier.

Buy or eat seafood?

When shopping or eating out, check which species we’re currently recommending as lower-impact options. Keep an eye out later for inspiring recipes and details of local businesses that support sustainable seafood.

Great Solent Seafood is part of an exciting wave of marine activity at the Wildlife Trust. Check out our Wilder Solent campaign for other easy ways to benefit nature every day, and our project Secrets of the Solent to learn about the amazing people and wildlife that share our waters.

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