Sopley asparagus, poached duck egg, Pratts extra virgin rapeseed oil and rocket salad

Added on 14 May 2014

Serves 4


2 bunches of Sopley Asparagus
150ml of white wine vinegar
4 duck eggs
2 handfuls of rocket
Drizzle of Pratts Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil
20g  Red Aramanth


1. For the asparagus, cut off the base of each stem and, using a peeler, peel from the base all the way down and round.
2. Place a large saucepan onto the heat and three-quarters fill with water. Bring to the boil and add the white wine vinegar. Stir the boiling water around so it causes a vortex then crack the duck eggs into the water and cook for around 6 minutes
3. Drop the asparagus into a separate pan of boiling salted water
4. When cooked remove the asparagus from the water and drain well
5. Arrange on the serving dish with the rocket
6. Remove the duck eggs from the water and place in the centre of the asparagus.
7. Garnish with the Rapeseed oil and Red Aramanth then serve

This recipe has been provided by Phil Clark from Harvest Fine Foods. 

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