Bouquet of Asparagus

Added on 14 May 2014

Glazed white and green asparagus with crispy parmesan tuile, sautéed organic mushroom, asparagus mousseline and mushroom foam (V)
Serves 1

• 5 spears of green asparagus
• 4 spears of white asparagus
• 10g organic mushrooms
• 1g fine salt
• 3 wild garlic flowers
• 1 peony flower

Parmesan Tuile
• 8g Corn flour
• 1 egg white
• 3g sesame oil
• 1g of salt
• 5g shaved parmesan cheese

Asparagus puree
• 5 green asparagus stalks
• 4 white asparagus stalks
• 6g butter
• 1g fine salt

Mushroom foam
• 5g organic mushrooms
• 10g veg stock
• 5g onions, chopped
• 3g butter
• 1g salt

1. Peel the asparagus spears and cook in boiled and salted water for 5 minutes before cooling quickly in ice water
2. Cut the spears in half and keep bottom half of the stalks for the asparagus puree
3. Leave to cool in the fridge

Parmesan Tuile
4. In one bowl, mix the egg white, sesame seed oil and salt before whisking everything and then adding in the corn flour slowly.
5. Using a spatula, place the mixture into a tray and top with the shaved parmesan
6. Cook in the oven at 180 degrees for 7 minutes and then leave to cool.

Asparagus puree
7. Blend together the asparagus stalks, butter and salt until smooth.
8. Strain puree until smooth and fine before storing in the fridge.

Mushroom foam
9. Clean the organic mushroom and cut them into halves (keep half for the sauté)
10. In one pan roast the mushroom until golden colour
11. Add the chopped onions and continue to cook until golden, then adding the vegetable stock and salt and cooking for a further 5 minutes.
12. Along with the butter, blend this mixture until smooth and then leave to cool.

To serve:
1. In one pot put the asparagus tips with 3g of vegetable stock and 2g of butter
2. In another pot heat the asparagus puree
3. In one pan sauté the rest of the mushrooms
4. In another pot heat the mushroom foam

Take one deep plate and line the bottom with the asparagus puree before placing the parmesan tuile on top.
Put the glazed asparagus inside the parmesan tuile with the sautéed mushrooms around it.
With a hand blender mix the mushroom foam and spoon onto the dish, around the tuile.
Add the wild garlic flowers and peony petals on top for decoration and serve.


The recipe has been provided by Cedric Coulant, Seasons Restaurant Chef, Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire

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